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Bikers News

Wednesday 24th December 2014 09:20

Bikers Ltd has now closed. Dave and I would like to take this opportunty to wish all our customers a merry xmas and a...

Do you de-restrict mopeds?

In a short answer, yes, we do de-restrict scooters. It is not illegal for us to do this but there are legal implications which will be explained in the next question. We also re-restrict scooters for first time 16 year old riders. A “moped” by definition is a machine not exceeding 50cc and not capable of more than 30mph

What are the legal implications?

The legal implications are complex, and we will endeavour to explain them. At 16 years of age a rider is only entitled to ride a “moped” (see previous question regarding moped). after completing a CBT training course with a recognised authorised organisation, for up to two years. Once the rider reaches 17 years of age and has a current CBT qualification they can then have their scooter derestricted. This will increase the power output to enable the scooter to reach speeds of 40-45 mph

Do you do CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)

We are unable to do in house CBT training, but we are able to recommend local training organizations (see our links page). We can deliver a new scooter locally to a CBT course centre should you need us to, and the scooters are fitted with L plates.

How do you accept payment

You can pay by cash, bankers draft, credit or debit card and by personal cheque. A personal cheque will require 5 working days to clear.

If you prefer, we can arrange finance for you at competitive rates, minimum deposit is £100 and repayment periods from 12 – 36 months.

How much is the road tax for two wheeled vehicles

New bike and scooters come with the first years road tax included in the price.
For subsequent year’s current prices are:

50cc - 150cc £16 per year,
151cc - 400cc £30 per year,
401cc - 600cc £45 per year,
600cc - £60 per year.

Can I drive a scooter on a car licence

The law currently states that if you have a full car licence, (showing full group P ) and took your driving test before February 2002, then you can drive a scooter or a geared 50cc, (moped) with out taking a CBT test, and without displaying L plates. It is worth mentioning however that some insurance companies are now asking that a CBT test is taken before issuing insurance, so it would be advisable to check this out.

How economical are scooters

In terms of fuel consumption, most of the two stoke 50cc scooters achieve around 90 mpg on unleaded petrol, while 4 stroke models, which are 125cc - 250cc can achieve 65 mpg. Don’t forget also, the road tax is only £16 per year and probably the best part for two wheeled vehicles is that it’s still free parking. Should you happen or need to venture into a “Congestion Zone” (London) it is also free on two wheels.